Commuting Clusterf*ck

March 4, 2013 at 1:21 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

So the Chicago Transit Authority is remodeling a very important bridge that something like 77,000 people cross every day via the train (yes, really).  In order to do, they had to shut the bridge down.  As you can probably imagine, this has created a bit of a headache for everyone involved, since it basically means all trains have to be re-routed and many of them quit operating altogether.  This construction is scheduled to last for this entire week and another week in April.  CTA’s suggestion to commuters was basically, try to work from home or take the weeks off.  Since this isn’t exactly an option for me (and most others, really), I woke up super early today to face what may come.

There’s the new bridge, ready and waiting to be installed. And I might be on that train in the background!

And, after the hype and worry and MANY warnings, it really wasn’t that bad.  Sure, I had to wake up early and walk an extra 1/2 mile or so to get to the office but the trains weren’t bursting with rabid, angry commuters as I had feared and there wasn’t mass chaos and rioting, at least nowhere that I could see.  The most frustrating thing I dealt with was the fact that the train I was supposed to take should have had a special color on it and, as one CTA official stated, they obviously “didn’t do that”.  It would’ve made figuring out where to go a little easier but I managed on my own.  I even made it to work 15 minutes early (which I didn’t exactly love but did sort of mirror the dream I had last night where I was so worried about the commute that I came into the office at 5am).  I’m still not exactly sure the best route for me to take to get home tonight but I’ll figure it out, and while I realize that the rest of the week may not go so smoothly as today did, now I can at least be optimistic.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings but if I really want to tempt the fates, I might only wake up 20 minutes early and see what happens.


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