All Juiced Up

February 6, 2013 at 2:46 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

So, Scott bought a juicer.  Actually, Scott bought a Nutribullet but that was a love affair that didn’t last.  He’s gotten on a kick where he wants to drink fresh juices for breakfast and post-workouts so the bullet thing seemed a good fit at first.  However, it didn’t make very large portions and included all pulp and chunks, which was actually kind of gross.  He tried to make it sound like this is a new gadget for US and how we’ll BOTH reap the benefits but I had my doubts.  I like chewing my food, but not chewing pulp.  I was willing to give it a shot but he returned it before I really got the chance and brought home a big ‘ol juicer.  Scott gets on lots of health kicks and so I’ve learned to just roll with them but this might actually wind up being something I can get behind.


He also came home with like 10lbs of produce and promptly shoved some sweet potatoes, apples and pears into the huge contraption that now sits on our counter.  Not gonna lie, it smelled pretty bad and didn’t look much better.  He offered me a sip and it tasted as nasty as I figured it would.  He was all excited about all the nutrients packed in one little glass though so he held his nose and downed the whole thing.  I’ll give him props for that.  I decided that in order to wean myself onto this whole juicing experience, I’ll start with stuff I like.  I chose a banana, some apples, an orange and some other fruits and decided to make my own beverage.  Once I got over the fear that everything was going to spew out of the plastic and all over everything in my life, it was pretty easy.  And I’m not going to lie, it was delicious.  I actually saved most of it in the fridge and drank it this morning while I was getting ready and yup, Scott was right.  I’m not sure when or if I’ll get behind juicing my veggies but I can appreciate a nice fruit juice (or cocktail…ooh, something else to look forward to!).

It’ll take a bit of work to make using this routine but it wasn’t really that difficult and so we’ll see what happens.  I’m actually looking forward to waking up tomorrow because that glass of deliciousness got my day off to a fairly good start.  So long as I don’t try to add sweet potatoes to the mix, I think the new juicer and I will get along just fine.


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