Girl’s Night Out

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This weekend, I went to my second ever bachelorette party.  The only one I’d ever been to before (which I’m pretty sure I blogged about at some point) was a couple of years ago when a group of girls and I went out in Indianapolis for a night of pizza and hanging out a bar.  It was fun and low-key, but low-key was definitely something Saturday night’s party was not!

There were six of us besides the bride-to-be and most of them met for manicures in the late afternoon.

This is honestly the tamest photo from the evening.

This is honestly the tamest photo from the evening.

I had a previous commitment (not to mention budget restrictions) so I met them all at the tail end of their session and we headed back to a downtown hotel, where we had booked a suite for the night.  We commenced with doing our hair and make-up while drinking wine and champagne, then grabbed a cab and went to BIN 36, a wine and tapas bar near the House of Blues.  The drinks were good (especially their J&J cocktail, which of course we had to order since the lady of the hour and her fiance both have names that start with the letter ‘J’) as was the other small plates that we ordered, but to be honest a tapas restaurant isn’t the best plan for dinner before a night of heavy drinking.  Luckily I had figured that beforehand and had a sandwich before meeting up, so all was good.

After dinner, we headed to a nightclub where they were supposed to be featuring a male revue.  Apparently they moved it at the last minute so we hailed another cab and went to Lincoln Park, where the show was in full swing.  Now, the only male strippers I’ve ever seen were in the French Quarter in New Orleans and to be honest, my memory of that evening is somewhat hazy at best.  I don’t know what I was expecting but this show was raunchy as hell and surprised me just a bit.  And I’m not easily surprised.  We bought our friend a lap dance and the guy literally picked her up and threw her on a bed that was in the VIP area we were sitting in, then proceeded to hump her face and grind on places I didn’t even know where grindable.  It was pretty hilarious, to be honest.  Other men were walking around and dancing for the hoards of screaming women in the seats while a different guy was dancing on stage while utilizing chairs and other props.  It was all very…entertaining…but I kept my money to myself and only spent it on drinks throughout the evening.  Once the show was over the whole place turned into a nightclub, which promptly reminded me how much I hate clubs to begin with.  While the immediate company was great and we had fun dancing, the music was horrible and the drinks were overpriced.  At one point I laughed in some guy’s face after he came up behind me, put his hands on my hips and dropped some horrible line.  I think he got the point.

We were going to go to another club after we left the first one but there was a line out the door and it was roughly 5 degrees, so we headed back to the hotel.  We ordered a huge, greasy pizza (the smartest move of the evening, in my opinion), opened another bottle of wine and played a revealing game of Never Have I Ever.  No purses or stomach contents were lost and we all had a good time so I’d say it was a successful evening all around!  And who knows, perhaps even the over-muscled, grabby dude I laughed at found love that evening.



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  1. laj said,

    I could have sworn you were at mine?? Or do they only count if the marriage lasts, ha!

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