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Yesterday, Scott and I took the Dude in for a little grooming.  Being a Himalayan cat, his hair grows almost longer than mine and somehow manages to find its way over every surface in our apartment.  I vacuum enough for the girl below us to plot a double-murder but every time I turn around, there are new patches on the rugs or couches that could almost allow me to make my own cat-haired pillow (which my allergic self would never do, don’t you worry).  We’ve had him shaved twice so far since adopting him and besides the fact that it makes it easier to deal with my allergies and makes the apartment easier to keep clean, it’s also hilarious to look at.  Case in point:

Someone's not happy.

Someone’s not impressed.

Notice the little puff of white at the end of his tail?  Yeah, I love that.  He seemed pretty pissed off for the first hour or so after we got him home, but once we busted out his new bed and gave him some lovin’, he accepted his newly shorn fate.  I’m breathing easier and getting some laughs every time I glance his way so it’s a win-win all around!

PS – the massage I had on Friday was pretty much the best one I’ve ever had (out of the 3 or so I’ve had in my life).  It was amazing and I had to restrain myself from hugging the guy on my way out.  Now if only I could convince a professional to do that once a week every week for the rest of my life…



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