Word Rant

January 2, 2013 at 2:44 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

Just because.

You know what word I really hate?  Preggers.  And before any of you get all excited/worried/antsy, no, I am not pregnant.  In fact, it’s a resolution for 2013 to stay that way.  But a few of my friends are seemingly happy to find themselves newly knocked up, and one of them announced via Facebook that she and her husband had “gotten preggers”.  That word alone makes me shudder.  According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, this term has been around since 1942…why?!  To me, that sounds like they got chiggers or some other form of pest infestation.  Though to be fair, pregnancy could be considered a pesty infestation as well.  But why would you say it like that?  It makes it sound contagious, itchy, uncomfortable, fattening, unwelcome and just plain wrong.  Of course actual pregnancy is some if not most of those things, but I would still never put it like that.  And I couldn’t exactly call her out on her immature, weird choice of words because I had to congratulate her instead.  Even I am not insensitive or dumb enough to tell a pregnant woman that she sounds like an idiot in a very public sphere.  But still…preggers?  No way.


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