Absolutely Horrid

December 14, 2012 at 1:35 pm (Uncategorized) ()

I was going to write about last night’s book club today but I’m about to cry after hearing the news of the elementary school shooting in Connecticut and can’t really think of anything else.  Obviously details are still emerging and we’ll probably never know exactly what happened but what in the hell is wrong with people?  How could someone do such a thing?  I remember when I was in middle and high school and school shootings began to seem…for lack of a better word, popular.  I asked myself these same questions then and I still haven’t come close to figuring it out.  The thought of inflicting that kind of pain and sorrow onto innocent people makes my stomach churn and my eyes well up with tears.

All I can do is send strength, love and peace to the families affected.  And that’s pretty much nothing.  Christmas is in 11 days and they have just had their entire lives ruined in the course of a single morning.  That community is going to have a horrific holiday season and the person responsible seems to be dead.  Motives don’t matter because there is absolutely no sense in what happened here and while it’s probably for the best that the person who caused all of this is no longer around, it doesn’t alleviate any of the pain or sorrow.  I don’t even…there are no words.

May we all hold our loved ones just a bit closer this weekend and realize that life is precious and often, all too short.


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