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October 30, 2012 at 3:10 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

You can’t go far today without hearing about SuperStorm Sandy and the havoc she’s wreaking.  I’m seeing something like almost 40 deaths and untold millions (billions?) of dollars in damages.  I have friends on the East Coast and while I believe everyone is accounted for, there are still many people who I do not know who aren’t and my thoughts are with all of them.  I think that weather like this is going to be more prevalent in the future and I hope that the damage done through this storm remains as minimal as possible.

In unrelated but also depressing news, yesterday I found out that a work associate of mine had a massive stroke over the weekend and was removed from life support yesterday.  He passed away last night.  This was a middle-aged business owner who cared for his ailing wife and large business but always managed to have a smile on his face as he brought donuts into our office for his regular meetings.  I saw him on Thursday and he seemed in as good as spirits as he ever has.  Sudden deaths like his and those in the eye of Sandy definitely make me appreciate all of the people in my life and just about everything else I can.

Cue the music

In the midst of all this, my cousin gave birth to her first child last night, a little boy who weighed in at 8lbs, 8oz.  This is a cousin that is more like a sister to me and as the pictures started rolling in, tears nearly rolled down my face.  It’s incredible to think that he was growing inside of her just moments before those photos were taken and I’m so excited that his delivery went well for both him and his momma.  Granted, she pushed for almost three hours before eventually having a c-section (um, ouch) but the look on her face in the first picture I saw made it clear that the whole ordeal was more than worth it.

All this has me in kind of a weird mood today (not to mention the fact that I’ve been fighting off a cold all week and have that medicine head thing going on) and I’m more thankful for everything in my life than ever before.

Especially for the fact that I’m not going to be pushing an almost nine pound person out of my nether regions any time soon.


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