Fright Fest

October 29, 2012 at 10:28 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , )

I don’t know if it’s the time of year or just a coincidence but it seems like all I’ve been watching lately are lots of shows/movies that make me want to wet myself.  I’ve been into The Walking Dead recently, which is a cable show about a zombie apocalypse, and it’s so scary that I couldn’t watch the episode I taped at my mom’s house last weekend because I was alone and her house was just plain too dark and creepy.  It doesn’t help that she lives near some woods and has huge windows with no curtains in the living room.  I had to wait til I was back in Chicago and holding Scott’s hand before I could get caught up.

Zombies and guns and biting, oh my!

On Friday, we watched the original Halloween, which I can’t deny was related to the upcoming holiday.  I hadn’t seen it in…well, recent memory and I was surprised at just how jumpy it made me.  The scene where Michael Myers appears in a bedroom wearing a sheet and the glasses of the guy he just murdered was especially freaky and made my eyes close so tight that I saw stars when I opened them.

On Saturday we continued our Scare-Paige-Shitless streak and began a new series that comes heavily recommended by some friends – American Horror Story.  They let us borrow the entire first season and each episode is an hour long, so of course we stayed up all night to get through the first three.  This show has an entirely different plot line and cast each season and the first one revolves around a home where terrible murders took place, and the new family who just moved in.  There are the obligatory scary scenes involving children, ghosts and kitchen cabinets that open on their own and there’s also sex, violence, blood, gore and just plain physiological creepiness.  After all that on Saturday, we watched the newest episode of The Walking Dead last night and then I had to watch a few episodes of children’s shows to clear my mind before I went to sleep.

At least I’m in the Halloween spirit!  What’s your favorite Halloween movie?  And yes, Hocus Pocus counts because I watched it last week and will likely watch it this week as well.


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