Time Flies…

October 19, 2012 at 10:43 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , )

…when you’re growing up.

Scott and I are traveling down to Indiana this weekend to attend my (gulp) ten-year high school reunion.  In some ways it seems like only yesterday that I was pulling my backpack on wheels (I was extremely popular, by the way) down the halls while trying to think of ways to ditch my Spanish class.  It also feels like I’ve lived about four lifetimes since then and the whole high school experience seems like eons ago.  I’m not someone who had a horribly traumatic high school experience but it wasn’t exactly the best time of my life either.  We had a five-year reunion which I did not go to (because seriously, it had only been five years) but this one is about 3 miles from my mom’s house and I was going home this month anyway so it all worked out.  I haven’t exactly kept in touch with tons of people from those days but I do have a couple good friends whom I see regularly and we’re all meeting at mom’s to drive over together.  If nothing else, I’m excited to spend some time with them!

What I’m not excited about is the fact that we had to pay $35 a ticket, which should include beer/wine and dinner.  Well I looked into it further and for vegetarians, dinner will consist of a veggie tray, some queso and chips and a salad.  Wow.  I used to have problems with finding veggie friendly food back in the day and at one point I wrote a petition for more options in our school cafeteria – it did the trick and after meeting with a few school officials, we began getting veggie burgers and some other items at well.  I didn’t realize I should have done the same with the caterers at the reunion.  I know we won’t be the only herbivores there and it’s cheaper to feed us anyway, but I digress.  We’ll eat dinner before our “dinner” and just enjoy the drinks, dancing and of course the company.

Should I say I invented Post-Its?

Obviously, the main reason for attending a high school reunion is to see your former classmates whom you haven’t seen in years, but I feel like my generation is going to be the first that has some issues with this, mostly because of Facebook.  I already know who got married, who had kids, where people moved to and what they now do for a living.  Hell, I’ve seen their kids naked in bathtubs and know the color scheme of their living rooms.  It’s a really surreal situation to be in because I’m not exactly sure how to talk to these people I haven’t seen in a decade.  Do I acknowledge all of the intricacies of their life that they’ve posted or pretend I haven’t seen the things they so clearly wanted to share?  How much talking and catching up is there really to do?  I know not everyone posts all tidbits of their lives online and my HS friends will basically know where I live and where I’ve traveled to, but still.  It’s something that no generations before us really had to face.  If you never completely lose the ability to look into someone’s life, do you really need to dedicate a night to a reunion?

I’ll admit, the anthropologist in me ultimately made my decision to go.  I want to see what it’s like to know yet not know everything about each other’s lives and how the interactions will go down.  Also, “free” wine (and salads).  It’ll be interesting if nothing else and since I’ll be with close friends already and also close to my mom’s house, if all else fails we’ll just go back there and spend some quality time together.  Because that’s really what it’s all about, right?

Also just as an update, that super inspirational girl from Pakistan, Malala, is doing better and better.  Keep it up, girl!


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