What A Steal

October 5, 2012 at 12:36 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

I love me a good yard sale.  Sadly, the time for such things is drawing to a close for this year but living in a big city didn’t stop me from grabbing a great find on the sidewalk near my apartment a few weekends ago.  This was also, coincidentally, the same weekend that my family was having our annual all inclusive family yard sale at my grandma’s house.  They’ve been doing this for…well, longer than I can remember and it’s always a ton of work but seems to be a tradition that we just can’t break.  I myself didn’t have too much in this year’s sale but managed to nab $60 or so nonetheless (which I donated right back to my mom because really, she did all the work).  The family yard sale produces a nice dividend for most of us, especially for those that have young kids who outgrow everything in like two and a half weeks.  Thankfully, that doesn’t include me.

Anyway, the yard sale I stopped at recently was really just a girl in a chair with a few tables of stuff, on a grassy area right off the sidewalk.  She’s getting ready to move to Mexico and was liquidating everything she could so Scott and I were happy to help her.  We were actually on our way to the gym when we came across her items so I ran back upstairs for some cash and we put workout plans on hold.  In about two minutes, I managed to find a Special Edition copy of The Lion King, which I had ironically just sent back to Netflix a few days before.  It’s a favorite Disney movie of mine and I scored it for $2.  I also found a copy of “The Giver” by Lois Lowry, which was a book I loved growing up and have enjoyed a few times as an adult too.  I let a buddy borrow that book maybe two years ago and then we sort of fell out of contact with each other…he’s promised to mail it to me but that never happened, and the copy I found was the same edition, so I was thrilled.  Again, $2.  Scott also bought some movie based on the series 24 so he was happy about that, and I was happy that he was happy.  And the girl was happy we lightened her load, so it was a win for everyone involved!

She also inspired me to perhaps have a yard sale of my own in the spring, before we find a bigger and better apartment.  As much I as enjoy donating to our family one, it makes more sense for me to just do it on my own up here and pocket the cash.  So the plan for the winter is to find everything I want to get rid of and shove it to the side accordingly.  Luckily for me I won’t consider it winter for a while longer, despite the drop in temperatures that we experienced today.  So I’ve got a little while before the purge begins and in that meantime, I’ll enjoy my new purchases and pretend that they’re not adding to my clutter!



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