Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

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As I mentioned last week, Friday night Scott and I volunteered at a big fundraiser for the food pantry I help out at.  This fundraiser was the biggest one they’ve ever had and it was a huge success!  The whole night was based around a book release and the book is called I am Your Neighbor, written by David Brown and Roger Wright.  It’s a collection of stories from people who live in our area and the stories tell the history of the ‘hood while giving background information on the types of people who share the space in which we live.  As part of the book release party, local restaurants and bars donated tons of food and drinks to the event and set up tables all around Architectural Artifacts, which is an antique store/museum/event space just a few blocks from our apartment.  The space is huge, very interesting and managed to hold our 450 some-odd guests quite nicely.  The ticket price for entrance was more than I make in a full day of work and we had a great turn out so everything really helped out our local pantry.  Scott and I basically checked people in all night while listening to the live music and people watching, then we were able to try some of the food and beverages ourselves before the night let out.  Everything was delicious and it seemed like all the guests had a blast, plus the booze was flowing which definitely helped one other aspect of the evening – the live auction.

Fancy Shmancy

There were five prizes auctioned away, including a week’s vacation in a beach house that sleeps 12 up in Michigan, a sports package with tickets for many Chicago games, a spa package and a few other things.  It was really entertaining to watch the auction, especially since neither Scott nor myself would be able to bid on much more than a paper napkin.  There were some big movers and shakers there though and they had no problem racking up the going rate until all items were sold, which once again was awesome for our pantry.  We stayed until a little after 11pm but as we both had to be up for another (slightly less exciting and much more sober) event at The Field Museum on Saturday morning, we didn’t close the food pantry party down like so many seemed to.  We both had a really good time though, as did everyone else, and I’m really glad we went.  I felt like a real grown-up and maybe one day I’ll go to such an event as an actual guest!


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