Like Riding a Bike

August 24, 2012 at 2:42 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , )


Over the weekend, Scott and I purchased bikes.  Or rather, Scott dragged me to Target and I begrudgingly bought a bike.  See, I’ve been extremely scared of owning a bike since, well, forever because where I grew up there were barely lines on the road let alone bike lanes.  I never had to deal with cars or traffic lights and the thought of navigating them on two wheels without the steel frame of a car pretty much scares the hell out of me.  I owned a bike in college and I believe I rode it once, and then I used to ride a little in the suburb of Chicago I (thankfully) briefly lived in before moving to the city.  However since being here I have not ventured out, mostly because I value my head not being a pancake on the sidewalk.  Nevertheless, Scott convinced me to give it a shot.

Not quite like this, though that would be awesome

And I’m actually glad I did!  This week has been a busy one with three different evenings spent with friends, the gym, the pantry and a book club meeting but I’ve managed to ride a bit anyway.  We also rode to the theater on Sunday, the day of the big bike purchase, and I only almost hit a parked car once.  Luckily for me, our neighborhood is fairly quiet and I’m surprisingly comfortable riding the streets (and yes, Mom, I have a helmet).  I’m excited to get back to it this weekend and Scott has actually planned a route that will take us to the beach, a butterfly habitat, an urban peninsula, the zoo and a beach-side bar near the zoo, all in one ride.  It sounds a little intimidating but also pretty nice, since walking or driving that route would likely take us all day.  Other than lots of bike riding and a little bit of last-minute shopping for our trip, I’m looking forward to a laid back weekend full of sleeping in and eating out.  Gotta enjoy those Chicago summers while they last!



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