Olympic Mania

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First off, I’d like to say again how thankful I am that the Olympics didn’t come to Chicago.  I know it would’ve been a once in a lifetime experience and all but the chaos, crowds and just sheer madness is something I’m really glad I don’t have to deal with on a daily basis.

That said, it sure is fun to watch.  I managed to catch a little last weekend while I was home and found myself amazed at the swimmers and ogling impressed by the volleyball players.  It’s been a semi-busy week so last night was the first time I had the chance to bond with my couch and catch up on the games, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.  I  got to see the USA girls win their medal in gymnastics while Michael Phelps broke all sorts of records with his swimming.  It’s hard for me not to feel like a giant lump of lard while watching 15-year-old girls vault themselves through the air using muscles I will simply never have but it is entertaining, so that helps.  I just honestly can’t fathom the type of lifestyle that one must lead in order to become an Olympic contender.  Not to mention their parents!  How much of their lives have been devoted to shuttling back and forth to practices and meets while obsessing over all of the various aspects that go into making someone the best of the best in their specific field?  And what must the brothers and sisters of such athletes think?  Talk about sibling rivalry!

I found myself holding my breath during the gymnastics routines because I remember a few instances in years pass when someone fell off a beam or completely screwed up their set.  It’s heartbreaking to watch and I can’t imagine what it must feel like to have that moment captured on international television for everyone to analyze and discuss for days/weeks/years to come.  Of course, any athlete competing faces that risk and knows what they’re getting into, but still.  Also, I’m not exactly rooting for the USA or anyone, really.  I want them all to win – can’t everyone get a participation medal or something?

The only Olympics I’ve ever participated in was the Beer Olympics in college and I couldn’t even win that, even though I love me some beer.  Maybe I should’ve started drinking at 9 or so?  Yeah, nevermind.  And while I’m still proud of myself for going to the gym fairly regularly, I’ve accepted that my body will never, ever look like what I’ve been seeing from these athletes, even if I quit eating any of the things I enjoy and start living at the gym.  But that’s okay, because of my said love of beer .  And pizza.  Anyway, I’m going to try to catch as much of the last 8 or so days of the Olympics that I can, all while sitting in my not-so-densely packed city while drinking beer on my couch.


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