Moving and Shaking

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So, I booked a trip this weekend.  Come Labor Day, Scott and I will be joining a group of anonymous strangers to spend eight days and seven nights traveling through Ecuador!

If you know me, you know I love to travel.  Since I made my first overseas journey in 2005, I’ve managed to get myself out of the country once a year ever since.  I have been incredibly lucky in the opportunities that I’ve had and I definitely do not take any of my experiences for granted.  A few years ago, I decided to try to hit every single continent (besides Antarctica, because pretty much the only people who get to go there right now are scientists or military personnel) before I was 30.  I’ve crossed off Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania (that was my New Zealand excursion) and with this latest trip booking, I’ll manage to seal the deal.  I really wasn’t planning on anything crazy like this this year and was content to go to Vancouver or some other, cheaper place closer to home, but I found a deal I just couldn’t pass up.  And since I’m more known for spontaneously purchasing plane tickets rather than shoes or purses, purchase a plane ticket I did!

The route!

I don’t normally go for the package deals and the only time I’ve ever really done so was for vacations in Mexico with my mom and sister, where it was all-inclusive and even the alcohol was a part of the deal.  Usually, I book my own hostels and figure out what I’m going to do on my own, which I generally enjoy.  It’s tougher to see as much as the country while doing this though and it’s certainly more expensive.  A while back I signed up for all kinds of email alerts regarding travel deals and on Friday one came my way that included hotel accommodations (no hostels on this trip!), most meals, all transport and transfers and airfare for a very reasonable price.  Most package deals don’t include the flight and that alone came sometimes run well over $1,000, depending on where you’re going.  This deal has it all and the hotels we’re staying in are all very nice.  We’ll be flying into the capital and spending two of the days traversing via canoe and raft to a hotel within the Amazon Rainforest, where we’ll get to hike around and meet with local families.  As a wee girl of maybe 13 or so, I created what I could now call a Bucket List and trekking through the Amazon was at the top of that.  I actually think I wrote ‘sleeping in a hammock in the Rainforest’ and as our hotel will have hammocks, this really is a dream come true.  Of course we’re a little nervous and anxious but the reviews I’ve read of this trip are all very positive and I figure it can’t be any scarier than showing up in Guatemala alone with a backpack, so I’m all for it.

Scott hasn’t done much traveling yet and his first time on a plane will actually be next week when we fly down to go see my dad in Louisiana, so obviously the idea of flying into South America is fairly exciting for him too.  I’m sure you’ll get to read more about this as the time draws nearer because I’m currently so incredibly pumped at this opportunity that I can barely sit still.  We debated long and hard because there are always plenty of reasons not to go (I’m really pushing it with my time off work, not to mention that while it’s a good deal it’s still not exactly free) but I really had the feeling that I would regret this if I let it pass so I’m feeling pretty good about the booking.  Which just goes to show, sometimes in life you have to take the chance and go for it!  One of my favorite quotes is “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” and this is pretty much that case in point.

But there’s plenty to keep us occupied until then – we’ll be traveling via MegaBus this weekend to Indiana for my cousin’s college graduation party, then as I mentioned we’re going to Louisiana over Memorial Day.  After that will be three months of summer in Chicago, which is pretty much the best thing ever.  So even though today is a Monday, nothing can get me down!



  1. stevenwwatkins said,

    My wife and I just returned from a 10-day adventure in Ecuador. Just us and a rental car! I can give you some pointers if you like. Best advice …. take no money larger than a $20 bill. Almost no one will accept a $100 bill.

    • webpaige said,

      Thanks, I actually read that. I’d love any tips you have!

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