Going Up

April 25, 2012 at 11:44 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

One would think that working in a well-known building such as the one formerly known as Sears Tower would mean that everything would run a little more smoothly than your average small office.  I mean, it is probably one of the most recognizable buildings in Chicago, if not the United States, right?  And with that comes a certain amount of prestige?

Yeah, not really.

What a nightmare.

One day I’ll write a whole list of the pros and cons of working in this building (and the weird Easter rabbit yarn balls may or may not be on it) but for now, I’d just like to vent about the fact that we haven’t had fully functional elevators/escalators all year.  There are six elevators on the ground floor and one escalator that takes you to the second floor, where six more elevators await.  All of these elevators only go to specific floors (none go all the way to the top) so you must transfer somewhere along the way to a second set of elevators if you want to go beyond the 31st floor.  The escalator on the lobby level was broken for roughly two months and it seemed like there were just dudes who hung out in the demolished stair pit with wrenches chatting this entire time.  It wasn’t a huge deal as a broken escalator just turns into stairs (thanks, Mitch Hedberg) but it was still a bit of a pain.  I have no idea how many people work in this building but I bet it’s a lot, and most of us begin at 8am.

So finally the escalator was fixed but now elevators are down.  Specifically, there are two down on different floors that I pass every day on my way in and out of the office.  It causes a general mess at 5pm when everyone is trying to squeeze into the remaining elevators and it’s not a fun way to end your day.  On top of that, I can’t help but feel slightly apprehensive at all of the maintenance being done on these modes of transportation.  I tell myself that it’s just a routine check-up but the giant plastic dividers they have up to hide their work beg to differ.  My own personal hell involves being trapped in this building in an elevator 50 floors above the ground with a bunch of suits and all of the stuff being “fixed” doesn’t exactly alleviate my concerns.

What’s a girl to do when stairs are simply not an option?  Close my eyes and hope for the best, I guess!

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