February/March Book Club Review

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Yours truly was in charge of the E-vites for our February Book Club, which means that it was my decision whether or not to call on account of bad weather a few weeks ago.  I fell victim to the hype that the news was spewing and cancelled on a night that was supposed to produce half a foot of snow and horrible, awful driving conditions.  In actuality, we received a bit of rain/slush and that was about it so I looked like a fool for pushing our date back, but oh well.  The cancellation caused our next meeting to take place in the first week of March, hence the combo this time around.

More like The Neverending Story

I also happened to be the one to suggest our book of the month, The Adventures of Augie March.  I can tell you right now, I batted a big whopping zero in this department as well.

I chose the book because I had read that the story of a young man growing up on the streets of Chicago during the Depression was both interesting and entertaining and it wound up being neither.  What it was was long, boring, dense and difficult to even force yourself to try to read.  This was a book that the City of Chicago used in a city-wide book club (another reason I chose it was because there were like a bajillion copies in the libraries) but I would be shocked if more than 2 people read the thing in its entirety.  As for the ladies in our book club, a few of them didn’t get past the first 20 pages and those that did didn’t make it much further than that.  I read the most of anyone in the meeting (I felt like I had to punish myself some way for the choice) and I didn’t even make it half way.  And I really did try.

Until I lost the book, that is.

Let me preface this by saying I’ve never lost a library book, ever.  Until this behemoth, at least.  When I took the Megabus home a few weeks ago to visit my mom, I had the book in tow.  I read some of it Friday evening before falling asleep on the bus and then didn’t really think about it again until I was packing up to come back to Chicago on Sunday, when I realized I couldn’t find the damn thing (it was a busy weekend and I didn’t have much time for leisure reading).  While it’s possible that someone sneaked into my mom’s house with the sole purpose of stealing this book, chances are I just left it on the bus and didn’t realize it for days because I wasn’t that invested in it to begin with.  And as anyone who’s ever ridden the Megabus can tell you, if you lose something you’re pretty much screwed.  So the book is gone and I had to pay the library to replace it, which was frustrating because it’s not like anyone is going to read it anyway.

But I digress.

We ate at Anna Maria Pasteria and I had as much fun at dinner as I do while saying the name of this Italian eatery.  Of course, I always have fun with the book club girls so I guess that’s not a shocker, especially considering the half priced bottles of wine we indulged in.  To be completely honest though, I felt the place was a tad overpriced for what it was.  My spinach stuffed cheese tortellini was delicious and all but I think I’ve had better pasta for cheaper in the city.  The ambiance was cozy and had an authentic feel though so I’m glad I gave it a whirl.  Also being seated by Maria of Anna Maria Pasteria gave me a bit of a kick.

Even though it was delayed and provided dismal reading material, I think the evening was a success.  At least everyone had a good sense of humor about the book, although I banned myself from choosing our next one.  I’m a little disappointed that I don’t know what happened to Augie March but since I’m not invested enough to go check it out again, that will remain one of my life’s little mysteries.  Like what happens to my socks in the dryer.

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