Leap Day!

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In honor of Leap Day (the history and explanation of which can be found here), I’ve compiled a small list of things I only do once every four years:

  • Try the veggie burger at Burger King.  This is because it’s horribly nasty and every few (four) years, I decide to give it another try in the hopes that time and an increase in vegetarians nationwide has prompted BK to improve their patty.  I have always been disappointed.
  • Wash my blue jeans.  Well, maybe not every four years but close to it.  Denim doesn’t get dirty, right?
  • Attempt to jog.  I absolutely loathe running but every few years I think to myself that I must be missing out on something because people are still doing it.  Of course people are still smoking meth so just because it’s being done doesn’t mean I should participate.  I think I’m still sore from my last jog in 2008.
  • Measure my height.  I haven’t grown in almost a decade but I keep trying every now and then because Clueless made me want to be 5’10, just like Cindy Crawford.
  • Read through my old journal from middle school and cringe at how in love with the Backstreet Boys I was.  If I do this more than every four years then I want to crawl into a hole and hide.
  • My taxes (just kidding, IRS!)
  • Think about where I was just four years ago (in this case living in Bloomington and working 5 jobs to support myself out of school) and consider at how quickly time seems to have passed since then while marveling at how long four years seemed to me while I was in, say, high school.
  • Attempt to give up Cheez-Its (you know, for my health).
  • Fail at giving up Cheez-Its.
  • Vote.  In Presidential elections, at least.

Since this day only comes once every four years, I suppose I should also try to incorporate something I wouldn’t normally do, ever.  Perhaps eat a steak?  Kick a hobo?  Dance on my desk to the theme from The Office?  Or perhaps I’ll just enjoy the extra day and try to make the most of it.

By throwing a steak at a hobo while dancing down the street.


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