January Book Club

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Last Thursday, two rock star book club ladies and myself met for brews, books and a bite to eat.  Bad weather prevented us from meeting the week before at our originally scheduled time and the weather wasn’t much better this time around, which caused the paltry turnout we had.  I’m not entirely sure February will be better than that but a girl can always hope, right?  One of our members was actually in Mexico so we can’t blame her for not showing…and it’s not like I’ve been jealous of her this week as we’ve had 6 degree temperatures and 8 inches of snow.  No, not at all.

It's a sin to kill a mockingbird. Want to know why? The answer is in a book!

Anyway, the three of us who did manage to make it out were all glad we did.  We met at The Bad Apple  bar and restaurant, a place that I’ve been too once but didn’t really remember.  It’s not too far from home and wasn’t super crowded so we were able to make ourselves comfortable and get down to business.  Food and drink.  I had a light beer whose name I can’t recall but the taste was good enough that I had a second.  For dinner, I had the veggie burger featuring seitan and goat cheese – I’m fairly certain that you can’t mess up a dish so long as there’s some goat cheese in there somewhere and this didn’t prove me wrong.  Cajun style fries accompanied my delicious meat free burger and, while I had originally planned to save half for lunch on Friday, I devoured the whole thing before I knew it and felt absolutely zero regrets.

The book that we read is an old favorite of mine, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.  I read this first in high school (where I was also Jem in a class production), again in college and once more after that so this time makes it my fourth go round.  I believe that good books should be returned to throughout life because you’re never the same person that you were when you initially read it and that causes you to take different things from it each time.  If you’ve never read it yourself – you should.  One of the reasons we chose it is because one of our members hadn’t read it and we all agreed that she ought to.  I’m not going to really even review it because it’s a classic and while I didn’t always agree with the voice of the main character, Scout, I do believe that the book is one that everyone should be exposed to.  As I was re-reading it, I remembered the movie starring Gregory Peck.  I’ve never seen this black and white film but immersing myself in the story again made me wish I had, so it’s currently at the top of my Netflix queue.  And once Scott gets through this three-hour Western he recently rented, that movie shall be all mine!


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