Snow Show

January 12, 2012 at 12:50 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

I’d almost forgotten where I live with this weather we’ve been having lately.  50 degrees and sunshine in January?  Pssht, unheard of around these parts.  However, as anyone with access to the internet, a television, a newspaper or a radio will tell you, SNOW IS COMING AND YOU BETTER BE PREPARED FOR IT BECAUSE APPARENTLY EVERYONE IN THIS CITY HAS FORGOTTEN HOW TO ACT WHEN WHITE STUFF FALLS FROM THE SKY.

This is how I feel today

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a little over all the hype surrounding this, the first “Winter Storm” of winter.  Not that I’m not ready for it – at this point in every other year of my Chicago existence, I was so sick of the sight of snow that I would’ve paid someone good money to place large heaters along my route home so I didn’t even have to look at it.  Now, though, I’m anxious for a little bit of a winter wonderland.  The sparse dustings we’ve had so far have really done nothing other than tease and while I know the newness will quickly wear off, I’m good with a nice old fashioned heavy snowfall.  I just wish the city wasn’t freaking out like it’s the first time it’s ever happened.  If you have warm clothing and a good set of boots there’s really nothing else you need (in case you drive…then you’ll need good tires, plenty of gas and a chair or piece of plywood you can carry around to help save your parking spots).  It’s something we deal with every winter and just because we’ve made it this long without it didn’t mean it wasn’t going to happen.  And while I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the downright balmy temperatures we’ve been experiencing, if it means there will be snow in June I shall be pissed.

Regardless, it looks pretty outside right now and I’ll enjoy the novelty of the first real snowfall of the year while I can because, if I know Chicago,  it won’t be a novelty for long.

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  1. Mega said,

    This “storm” in Seattle was more hyped than Snowmageddon from a year ago. I remember walking around in that. This was nothing.

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