This Post Brought to You by Valium and Nitrous Oxide

December 29, 2011 at 9:00 pm (Uncategorized) ()

So today I had a cavity filled.  I get pretty anxous when ther is SURGERY going on in my FACE and I warned the ladies at the offce of this upon my arrival.  They promtly hooked me up with a tad bit of valium and that wondeful stuff, hapy gass.  I promise I’m not as out of it as I seem ty be through this typoing because it’s jusgt my fingegs that don’t seem to be working and in the interest of keeing it real, Im’ going to just keep these mistakes in here.

WHY do the dentalhygenist people think it’s okay to play gwenty questios as they have their fingers shoved down my throat?  How can I possibly respond to anything in a coherent maneer?  Not that I’m entirely coheerent anyway but you know what I mean.  The lady working on me told me stories from her teenage obsession with BRet Michaels to the fact that her husbad was upset that he couldn’t go snow mobiling in Minnesota this weekend.  DO I care?  Not particulary but it was nice that she was tryig to keep me distracted.  However I coudnt really respond or comment other than the odd “mmhmm” or “aohgah” so I hope she doesnt think I was rude.  At this pointm, again, I don’t really care .  She’s teh one who wouldnt’ shut up and she should know better.  Or perhaps it’s a secret kink of hers to tell patiesnts her entire life story while they are too incapicited to stop her.  Sneaky dentail hygenist.

Updates on my trip home for the hoildays and other things are going to follow but I thought writing in this state of mind could be entertaining.  Imight change my mind on this tomorrow when I reread what I’ve posted but once again but if anything it will sevre as a reminder to me to floss my teeth even more often.  Perhaps it will givey ou a laugh you might not otehrwise get.

I’m off to gnoaw on my cheek for a bit and then progably drool on myelf after that.


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