Going Postal

December 16, 2011 at 1:17 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

I mailed some holiday cards out on Monday and I’m a little pissed because they have not arrived.  Typically mail takes 2-3 days to get where it needs to go but alas, Chicago is not exactly on top of things in the postal department.  This could very well be my own fault though – I dropped them off in a drop box on my street but I noticed as I shut the door that the pick-up time sticker had been removed.  Surely they wouldn’t leave a mailbox open if they no longer picked up there, right?  Well, that’s what I’ve been trying to figure out.

You have....oh wait.

I found a website that locates USPS drop boxes and it’s clearly on there, so I feel like that should suffice.  However, cards have still not arrived.  There are gift cards and photos in these envelopes and if they somehow mysteriously disappear into the dark and cavernous halls of the post office, I’ll be really pissed.  So I decided to call my local post office to verify that they still pick up where I dropped off.  The line disconnects every time.  So I called the other local post offices in my area.  All of their lines are disconnected too.  The sixth and final attempt I made (read: at six different locations) resulted in a fax machine.  I know that the mail system is woefully under budget and continues to sink fast but turning off all of the phone lines seems a bit drastic.  So I called the national number, which redirects me to the other phone numbers I’ve already called, which are still not working.  Awesome.

I half imagine the post office workers hiding under their desks, crying and furtively eating any holiday candy that passed through their hands while avoiding the public as they wait for their severance checks to roll in.  At least that’s the only explanation I can come up with that doesn’t make me want to go down to the store myself and show them what going postal is really all about.  This is not the way to get me in the holiday spirit, do you hear me USPS?

I’m sure they’re shaking in their snow boots.  And if your card is late or never arrives at all, you know who to blame.




  1. szoso said,

    I got my card!! NO need to go postal!!!

  2. Mega said,

    I got my card too. No postal haps needed. Mail is slooow round the holidays, yo.

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