What in the What

December 14, 2011 at 11:14 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

This is my latest fortune:

Excuse me?

I’m no philosophical genius but I really don’t see the value of this statement (it reads “Ignorance is Courageous” for the visually impaired), which I recently found in a Mexican fortune cookie.  First off – what is a Mexican fortune cookie?  Who knows, but apparently the people who write the fortunes have been sipping on some tequila.  Is this a typo?  And what’s with that smiley face?  Also, isn’t ignorance bliss?  Honestly, I’ve always sort of felt that ignorance is contagious (this theory has been thoroughly tested while working at a law firm) but I’ve never really thought of it as courageous.  Does it take bravery to be stupid in this day and age?  I fail to see how courage and ignorance are synonymous, unless this is saying that it does take courage to remain ignorant.  Which I suppose is true when you think about it, because it takes balls to stand behind a statement or idea that has generally been proven as incorrect.  Since we have the internet constantly at our fingertips and ready to fact-check us during our daily lives, it takes more courage and strength than ever before to just stay stupid.  Perhaps that’s what this fortune is getting at?

Or maybe it’s a culinary lesson and I should stay away from Mexican fortune cookies to begin with.


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