Shady Shady

September 26, 2011 at 10:33 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

I have a story to tell but I’m going to try to keep it vague because I don’t want to end up sleeping with the fishes.

Everyone knows that Chicago has long-held mob ties and criminal activity is one of the most infamous traits of this city.  Which causes me to let my overactive imagination run wild when I pass over the Chicago River or near Lake Michigan because I envision all of the people tied to concrete that are likely hanging around at the bottom of the water.  Sometimes my imagination is a good thing but other times it freaks me out.  Case in point: the mysterious businesses somewhere in the city that I’ve seen but can’t be any more descriptive about due to fear that they’re run by mob bosses looking to off a nice young girl like myself.

Bada Bing

These business are next door to one another and seem inconspicuous enough, although they are clearly run by the same owner.  The type of service advertised may or may not among the following: dry cleaning, tax accounting, barbering, lawyering (and this last two may or may not be actual words), dentistry, art gallery displaying and tattooing.  However, these two businesses never seem open and have matching signs that clearly state appointments can be arranged by phone only.  I’ve never seen anyone in either of the spaces and that’s what got me thinking that perhaps they are being used as storefronts for an illicit operation instead.  I would think these thoughts on a regular basis (whenever I happened to find myself in the general location of the mysteriously closed stores) and that’s about as far as I would let my imagination wander.  Until last week.

That was when I noticed the doors open, for the very first time.  But when I tried to covertly check out the interior of the store as I walked by I realized that there were no customers inside.  Instead, some workmen were tearing out carpets and replacing them with new while some guy in the background that I couldn’t see barked orders left and right.  This did not help my imagination and now I’m almost entirely convinced that some awful bloodshed went on in the backrooms of these “businesses” and the owner is carefully covering his tracks.

I should also mention that I’ve been watching a lot of “The Sopranos”.  Perhaps this has something to do with my assumptions?  Yeah, probably.  Either way I’m going to keep my eyes open and my mouth shut (at least, after this post).  Shh!


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