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Three weeks from today, I’ll be sitting on a plane and about to descend into Guatemala City.  From the airport I’ll take a shuttle bus with other people (this comes recommended as the safest method of travel MOM) to my hostel.  Then I will have 4 days to wander the ruins of the former capital of Guatemala, check out buildings that were damaged in earthquakes hundreds of years ago, peruse markets and vendors and try various ethnic (vegetarian?) food.  I think I’m ready, or as ready as I should be at this point.  My hostel is booked, the overnight hiking trip to the volcano is booked, I’ve been brushing up on my basic Spanish, I have a backpack and journal and yesterday I exchanged a bunch of currency at the bank.  I’ve read up on culture and history and I have a good idea of the places I want to see while I’m there.  Nothing besides the hiking trip is too set though because I rather like the idea of seeing where the city takes me.  It’s not too large and I can walk the whole downtown area easily in half an hour so I hope to become pretty familiar with it.

Look out volcano, here I come!

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous but I really think this will be a great adventure.  I’m going to a party this weekend and a friend of a friend who’s actually from Antigua will be there so I’ll get to hear even more about what to expect.  I’m glad I’m not staying any longer than 5 days and I think it’ll be the perfect amount of time to get in, explore and get out before I get bored or sick of listening to my own thoughts.  Who knows if I’ll ever have another opportunity to take a solo trip like this, especially since I know so many people who would make great travel buddies.  So I’m going to enjoy it while I can and try not to annoy the crap out of everyone as I get more excited with each passing day.

21 days!


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