Ten Years Later

September 12, 2011 at 11:44 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

I’m sure you’ve been overwhelmed with all of the 9/11 stuff lately but I wanted to briefly show a bit of a new temporary exhibit at the Field Museum:

Honestly, could we ever forget?

This display was put together by two people, a photojournalist at Ground Zero ten years ago and a police officer who lost colleagues that day (in perhaps the only bit of happiness to come out of all this, the two wound up getting married).  The exhibit features an entire wall of the missing person fliers posted after the attack (seen above) as well as numerous blown up pictures, pieces of steel from the building and clothing and medals worn by those who didn’t come out of it alive.  There was also an audio recording of the 911 calls that came in that day.  To say this exhibit is powerful and moving would be an understatement and it was not easy to stand there for four hours on Saturday.  I spoke to man who was working on telephone lines in one of the Towers that morning and happened to be outside on a coffee break when the planes hit.  I watched parents try to explain to their young children why people had to hang fliers looking for their family members.  I listened to an older man describe the world he grew up in vs. the one in which he lives now.  I watched one couple become very visibly upset at one of the fliers and I can only assume they lost loved ones that day.  I passed out tissues to men and women listening to the 911 calls.

Regardless of your opinions on terrorism, the war, Democrats, Republicans, Muslims, extremists, Bin Laden and everything else related to 9/11/01, we’re still all in this together.  I just hope Washington never forgets that as well.


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