Tourist Season

August 23, 2011 at 10:24 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

As I walked through the alley from Sears Tower to the train station yesterday after work, reflecting on how happy I was that the Monday work-day was over, I noticed a group of maybe 7 or 8 girls roughly my age huddled around the large train map on the platform.  It briefly registered that they were probably tourists and then I started thinking about the amazing pizza smells coming from the nearby restaurants.  Unfortunately those smells often mix with the cigarette smoke and garbage smells of the alley and form a truly nasty concoction that I only put up with because it walking through there prevents me from dealing with the crowds of people in the loop.  That was also on my mind.  But I digress.

Wait, I don't see it...

As I climbed the stairs to catch my train, I again saw these girls and I could plainly see they were very confused.  I heard one whisper to another “Just ask someone” and before they could say anything else, I asked them if they needed any help.  One girl said “Willis Tower” while the other said “Sears” and I had to laugh.  I took a step to the left and simply pointed, as we were directly across from one of the main entrances with huge lettering reading WILLIS TOWER above the revolving doors.  That’s when the girls looked up and I was treated to all of the surprised exclamations I’ve heard before (yup, it’s tall).  They thanked me (with their British accents, which made the whole experience just a tad more understandable) and after I gave them specific instructions on how to enter the building for the tours and not the offices, they went on their merry way.

Part of me wanted to roll my eyes but the other part remembers how turned around I would get (ahem…still do) in this city and I had to cut them some slack.  I was once a tourist here too and it wasn’t that long ago.  But as nice as I am, I still laughed all the way to the train.


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