It’s Like 10,000 Scoops and All You Need is a Spoon

August 10, 2011 at 10:23 am (Uncategorized) (, , , )


Yesterday, Denali Moose Tracks Ice Cream partnered with the Salvation Army and handed out 10,000 free scoops of ice cream in front of The Tower Formerly Known as Sears, where I spent the day diligently working through one of the crappiest days I’ve had in a while.  This week has seriously been kicking my ass at work so some free ice cream was just what the doctor ordered.  I made my way downstairs and only had to wait in the massive line for about ten minutes until I had ice cream in hand.  I was surprised because I was expecting a tiny little sample size like you’d get at the mall but they had cones and everything and happily doled out two rather large scoops into my eagerly awaiting, greedy palms.  And the ice cream was good.  I asked the woman with the scooper if they were really counting every scoop and she pointed to people holding the little tally clickers like I use at the museum when I’m counting guests, so apparently they were tracking the numbers after all.  I’m not sure whether they completely stopped once they hit 10,000 scoops or if they went until 3pm (their designated quitting time).  It would’ve sucked to be the 10,0001st scoop and given my day yesterday I’m actually surprised that wasn’t me.

I’m not a huge fan of the Salvation Army (not because I disagree with helping the disadvantaged and downtrodden but they have some pretty awful anti-gay policies in place which don’t seem to be going anywhere) but I am a huge fan of free ice cream so I did what I could to help them meet their goal.  Perhaps this is how politicians get corrupted.  Regardless, that bit of sugar, chocolate and peanut butter brightened my day and made me glad, once again, that I work in the heart of the Loop.  And you can bet that I’ll be keeping an eye out for more free snacks throughout the rest of the week my days on this planet!

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