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It’s happening.  My trip to Antigua, Guatemala is coming together.

I have officially booked 3 nights in a hostel and one night on an overnight backpacking trip to the top of a volcano (the last eruption was in 1972 so I should be okay).  How awesome is that?  The volcano is called Acatenango and it’s the third tallest in all of Central America.

Volcano, here I come!

You can read about the overnight excursion here and yes, the mention of a glass of wine at the end of the hike also caught my eye.  I’ve been in contact with the people at both the hostel and the adventure place and everyone seems really friendly and responsive so far, so hopefully no one gets a stick up their ass before I show up with my backpack.  Oh yeah, I need to buy a backpack.

Each night at the hostel was less than $10 and the place is one of the best reviewed in the entire city.  It includes breakfast, security lockers and TOWELS – if you’ve ever backpacked and stayed in hostels, you know how valuable this is.  My first abroad excursion involved sharing one small towel with another girl for roughly two weeks and it certainly taught me a valuable lesson (Douglas Adams also taught me the importance of bringing a towel and points for you if you understand that reference).  They also have free internet so I can tell my mom that I haven’t been kidnapped or fallen into molten lava.

There are of course many loose ends that will need to be tied up in the next two months but with the plane ticket, lodging and adventure planning taking care of I’m breathing a bit easier.  As I previously mentioned, this will be my very first completely solo abroad experience.  Obviously I’m keeping safety in mind but to tell you the truth, I’m pretty excited to get out and have some adventures on my own.  I’ll keep a journal as I do on every big trip I take and I’m sure I’ll have a highlights post when I get back.  It seems kind of far off right now but then again, I still can’t believe it’s already August so I know it’ll be here before I know it.  And seriously, what happened to summer?  At least now that I’ve got a super awesome trip planned for the fall I can handle whatever the next couple months throws my way.  That is, as long as I have my towel.


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