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Yesterday morning, I woke up briefly around 5am and then went back to sleep for a glorious hour and a half.  At least it should have been glorious.  Somehow in that short amount of time I managed to have a dream that sent me into a panic and actually made me look forward to going into the office on a Monday morning.

In the dream, I was attending a new class orientation in some old castle-like building.  This likely stems from the fact that next month I’ll be registering for my last 10 weeks of Museum Studies courses at Northwestern, thus completing my certificate.


The castle was probably thrown in just because I like castles.  So there I am, sitting in orientation, when I glance at the clock and see it’s 8:05.  That’s when I promptly began to freak out, as in my dream I was supposed to be at work at 8am.  But not the job that I have now – oh no, in this dream I was still working at my last job.  The job that required me to get 3 levels of corporate written approval before leaving work 5 minutes early (seriously).  The job that guilt tripped me into risking life and limb to get back to Chicago during a snowstorm.  The job that caused me extreme panic and anxiety almost every morning as I had exactly one commuter train to catch to the suburbs, which if I missed, resulted in reprimands and write-ups galore.  That job.

So in my dream I began to freak out and I got that awful mass of tension in my stomach that sat heavier than a bowling ball coated in asphalt.  I was so worried about having to call my boss and explain to her why I was already five minutes late that I ran out of the classroom and through the castle halls to the nearest pay phone (since obviously castles lack cell reception and come equipped will pay phones).

Then I woke up.

I cannot tell you how relived I was when I remembered that that job is but a thing of my past and I no longer have to worry about it.  My current workplace wouldn’t care if I was running late so long as my work was still completed by the end of the day.  Ah, sweet relief, and the wonderful sensation of knowing that I don’t have to live with that kind of pressure anymore.

What does this all mean, besides the fact that I love castles and much prefer my new gig?  Well, chances are that my seeing the girl who replaced me put up a Facebook post about how her work day made her want to cry contributed to this dream as well.  Summer is the busiest part of the season over there at that learning center and yet here I am, carrying along at my desk like I did back in February.  Score one for me and two for castles, just because they’re so darn cool.


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