All Pottered Out

July 19, 2011 at 11:36 am (Uncategorized) ()

So, I’m a Harry Potter fan.  I began reading the books early in high school and developed a love affair that is still strong to this day.  I don’t care if you think they’re childish or cause kids to turn into Satan-worshippers and if you don’t want to read my thoughts on the whole series…well, you can come back another day.  Because as I said, I’m a fan.  And it’s over, so I need to talk about it in order to move on.

And it's over...

I’m such a fan that when the final book came out in 2007, I bought it (in Africa) and read nearly the entire thing on the plane ride home.  I didn’t quite finish so I spent the 3 hour ride from the Indy airport to Chicago hunched over a flashlight, devouring the last words.  Luckily I wasn’t driving.  I’ve read the whole series at least twice and would like to get started again but must wait on my book-stealing sister to replenish a few copies she lent out and lost.  Hear that, sis?  I expect a package in the mail sometime this week.

As big of a fan as I am of the books, it’s surprising that I also enjoy the movies.  Most of the time movie versions do nothing but piss me off and cause me to yell at the screen but the adaptations of the HP series are pretty solid.  Sure there are things that are left out and discrepancies here and there but I’m still totally able to enjoy them for pure entertainment’s sake.  Which is why I was excited to watch the final part of the last movie this weekend.  I prepared by Netflix-ing the first part (which came out last summer and I was too cheap to see in theaters) and as I had an equally-Harry Potter loving friend from college in town this weekend, we caught up together.  Then on Saturday we had a girl’s night out with another friend of mine and took mounds of snacks into the theater by my place.  My college friend brilliantly decided we should get advanced tickets so we walked right on in and got the last grouping of three seats open, even though we were still 20 minutes early.  The place got PACKED.  And there wasn’t a kid in sight, which was truly kind of awesome.  Even more awesome was the fact that we all burst into applause and cheers at the exact same time throughout the whole film.  Certain characters would say a well-known line or someone would get what they deserved and we’d all go wild.  Which just proved to me how invested many people have become in this story of a wizarding world.

If you’re not a fan yourself, you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about.  I don’t know about everyone but for me, the entire idea of a parallel world to ours that’s full of magic, spells, dragons and wands is just plain cool to think about.  At least, that’s what drew me in initially.  But these books weave stories of friendship, loyalty, love, family, discipline, hard work and courage together in an engrossing and yes, magical way.  There are also some pretty adult political and social themes throughout, which adds a new level to the text.  All in all, these are entertaining and moving books and now that I’ve seen the final movie I must accept the fact that everything has drawn to a close.  Even if J.K. Rowling writes some sort of follow-up down the line, it’ll never touch what the original 7 have created.  But I’m thankful that she let us into this world and I really would recommend this series to just about anyone, Bible-thumping witch-hunters not included.  I’d even happily offer you mine to read…we just have to wait on my sister.


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