My Impression of Homer Simpson….

July 14, 2011 at 10:08 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

….is getting quite good.

Mmm donuts

Since this whole diet thing is still taking over our office, a fellow cubical dweller and I have become human garbage disposals for everyone participating.  Yesterday I was given blueberries, toast and fried veggies for breakfast and then a huge piece of chocolate cake in the afternoon (granted, that was for someone’s birthday).  Today some banana bread, a few donuts, a bagel and yet more chocolate cake has been pawned off on me and it’s not even noon.

I suppose I could simply pass on these free goods but who are we kidding.  I’m a lover of free and a lover of food and when you combine the two I turn into a drooling blob that can only get out of my chair because of a promise of frosting and sprinkles.  In fact, I’m getting distracted while typing this because I’m thinking of more donuts right now.  This whole diet is turning dangerous for me since so much of this stuff just sits around and the hippie in me hates to see good food go bad.  At least, that’s how I rationalize my snack-fests…that and by telling myself I’m doing a service to all those dieters out there by keeping this food out of their grasp.  I’m a regular sweetheart like that and I don’t mind taking one for the team.

In fact, I should probably check on those donuts in the break room and see if there are any more that need liberated from their box…


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  1. Mega said,

    Mmmm, sprinkles..

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