A Little Perspective

July 8, 2011 at 9:06 am (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Most people go into a weekend full of optimism and good cheer, but if for any reason you’ve been down in the dumps I’d like to share a story with you that could make you feel better.  I mean, at least you’re not part of this power couple:

SPRINGFIELD, N.J. — An estranged wife attacked her husband with a “basket of pocketknives” inside the home they formerly shared on Roundhouse Road on Sunday, police say.

Kathleen Patricia Shearn, 52, is charged with aggravated assault, simple assault and criminal mischief. 

She should've played nice.

Police said she was not allowed at the home as a bail condition on charges she assaulted her husband with a fork in May.

Police said that Eric Shearn said his wife and he were arguing in the house when she began destroying things inside the home. Shearn told officers his wife no longer lives in the house, according to court records. Shearn told officers his wife hit him in the head with a basket of pocketknives. According to court records, she then got in her car and drove it onto the lawn, tearing up the turf, and then left.

That’s when Shearn reportedly called police. But his wife returned before troopers got there, broke an end table on his head and left again, according to court records. Police said they found the home in disarray and Shearn had cuts and a lump on his head.

After an arraignment before District Judge Kay Dubree, Shearn was sent to county prison and released Tuesday.

She was charged with assault in May after throwing a fork at her husband that cut open his face. Dubree married the couple in 1999, according to court records.

A BASKETFUL of KNIVES?  Holy moly.  And I thought I had some creative ideas.

Makes you just a little thankful for not having such a situation in your life.  And if you’ve had to deal with something similar at any point…well, maybe you should take a sharp look at your life.

Get it?

No matter.  Happy weekend!


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