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July 5, 2011 at 9:59 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , , , , )

As I’ve mentioned once or a thousand times, I’ve pretty much fallen head over heels in love with my new neighborhood.  Last night I fell even harder.


So the City of Chicago is broke, per usual, and decided to cut back on their fireworks displays for the Fourth this year.  That didn’t stop my little neighborhood and I trekked to the park 2 blocks from my building with my mom and a friend last night to check out what the locals had to offer.  We were not disappointed.  The show started right at dark so by 8:30 we had lights in the sky and by the time we were settled with our blankets and lawn chairs 10 minutes later, there was plenty to ooh and aah over.  It seemed like every man, woman and child within a 10 mile radius came to the park and yet there was still ample sitting room for all.  The fireworks were being shot off from three main locations and so they were blowing up pretty consistently.  The bulk of the show seemed to end a little after 10pm but we were still hearing them go off at midnight.  With nearly two full hours of non-stop fireworks, my 4th of July really ended with a bang.

I’m allowed to make bad puns.  Deal with it.

I will admit that not everyone had as much fun as we did at the park.  A woman with a little wiener dog came and sat near us mid-way through the show and about 2.3 seconds later both she and her dog were surrounded by well-meaning yet menacing little children.  They just wanted to pet the dog but the poor pup was already a little freaked due to the noise and crowd and just wanted to get away from the kids.  This led to quite the little circular chase and the dog was clearly outnumbered.  His owner caught our eye once or twice with the whole “What can I do with this” look on her face – the kids’ parents were sitting right next to us too but they did nothing to calm their rowdy children down.  The woman ended up having to take her dog and leave after a few minutes, which I really can’t blame her for.  I hope that pooch got some belly rubs and treats before the night was over.

I, on the other hand, really enjoyed the festivities and fireworks without belly rubs or treats (though that wouldn’t have hurt).  After a weekend with my mom spent eating and drinking all over the city, hanging out at the museum, walking through drunks in Wrigleyville (bad idea), shopping, watching Independence Day (how my mom made it 15 years without seeing this bit of history is beyond me), eating and drinking more and then hitting the beach (nearly a bad idea), capping the entire weekend with the display of lights was just about a perfect ending.

As much trash as I talk and as upset as I sometimes get over things, I will admit that I am glad to live in this country.  Thanks for a great weekend, America (and Mom)!


*EDIT** I’d just like to say how glad I am that I no longer have my old job at the learning center in the suburbs.  I would’ve spent yesterday at work instead of being paid to hang out on the beach.  My new job is much better and I lucked out with that too.  Sorry, suckers former coworkers!


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