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Well, I did it.  I booked a plane ticket for my first ever solo foreign excursion.  For five days and four nights in October, I will be playing the part of the tourist in Antigua, Guatemala!

I'm going here!

This trip will fulfill one of the goals I set for myself for 2011 (another was to read Moby Dick, which I have officially started).  Actually, I had planned on going to Vancouver but plane tickets to Guatemala were over $200 cheaper so…decision made.  I’ve been lucky enough to do some pretty extensive traveling in my day but this will be my first time trekking out on my own.  I’m really looking forward to it too, because traveling with others can be…somewhat stressful at times.  I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be doing in Antigua but I’ve already found a cute little hostel at the base of some volcanoes that works with an outdoor adventure group and takes people hiking to the top for overnight stays.  So I’m pretty sure I’ll be trying to do that at least one night!  A friend of mine knows some people who live there too so I might even get a private tour from some locals.  I’m a little nervous about the whole trip since I’ll be winging it for the most part and have no savvy tourist friend with me (such as my gal pal who accompanied me to Europe and NZ) but I’m confident that I’ll manage just fine.

Um yeah.  You’ll likely be reading a bit more about this in the months to come, because I’m pretty pumped.  Here’s to another adventure!


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