Movin’ and Shakin’

June 9, 2011 at 11:25 am (Uncategorized) ()

My move may be a thing of the past but it seems like just about everyone I know is preparing themselves for one transition or another.  One friend is moving to Indy to live with his boyfriend later this month (and it’s about time!) while a lovely couple I know is searching for a new place as their current neighbors are making their lives a living hell.  A fellow cubicle rat in my office is looking at buying a condo with his significant other and one of my lady friends just finished grad school so she may or may not stay here in the city.  Not to mention the girlfriend who recently moved back to NYC and another who also just finished grad school and moved from Tuscaloosa to Chattanooga (which I learned last night is not easy to say after a few glasses of wine).

These are all moves that I knew were coming and was expecting.

Bust a move!

However, a couple of months ago I encountered one I did not predict.  A very close buddy of mine has decided to move cross-country, to Seattle.  I’m very excited for him (and very excited to visit Seattle) but as he was a pal who currently lives just a few blocks away and enjoys nice cold beer as much as I do, his presence will definitely be felt.  Then last night I was informed that one of my very best friends (ever, let alone in the city) was offered a job 5 hours away.  She accepted.  I am extremely happy for her because it’s a career move she wants to make but a very selfish part of me would love for her to stay.

I know this happens, just as I know I’ve been able to maintain long-distance friendships before and this will be no different.  Still though – what’s up with all the moving?  I understand that Chicago is a transient city and not everyone stays here forever.  Hell, I probably won’t stay here forever.  And I know this is an opportunity to cultivate other friendships, blah blah blah.  I’m still gonna miss my buddies!  However, I am excited to add some more places to the list of where I can visit and crash for free, so that’s a perk.

Of course, these moves will affect my friends much more than they’ll affect me.  And I’m truly excited for everyone to begin these new chapters in their lives – just don’t forget to send me a postcard every now and then!


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