The Runs

May 11, 2011 at 11:50 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , )

No, not like that.

What I’m thinking of today is this whole running/jogging thing I’ve heard so much about.  I know I’ve written about my insane inspirational friends who have run marathons and these days my sister is even included on that list.  I also know I’ve mentioned once or twice that the only time you’ll find me running will be if I’m being chased.  By zombies.  With chainsaws.  Monsters, rabid animals, teething children and hardcore Fox News watchers are also included in the list.

Still not gonna happen.

I’ve been thinking about it though because a few people who sit near me at work are avid runners and that’s been a popular topic of discussion as the weather (finally) warms up.  I’ve decided that with each degree the temperature increases, 32842 more Chicagoans decide to lace up and hit the streets.  I also had a conversation with a buddy of mine last night about how running helps him to clear his head and put his priorities in order.  He finds it relaxing.  I find it hard to understand.  To me, running was always something I was forced to do, either by evil gym teachers or heartless sports coaches.  I associate it with pain and torture, mostly because that’s what it is.  There’s a big move recently towards more “natural” running, i.e. running barefoot or with specially designed shoes that make it feel as though you’re sans sneakers.  This makes a bit more sense to me but only because, evolutionarily speaking, our bodies are made for running barefoot on grass and not in shoes on sidewalks.  However I also think that our running evolved because we were both predators and hunted ourselves – hence the current nonexistent need for my vegetarian, coddled American ass to hit the pavement.  And I’m fine with that.

Although a part of me does admit to being intrigued by this whole thing…especially as more and more people are raving about how great it is and many of them were once fellow haters such as myself.  What’s going on here?  Brainwashing?  Conspiracy?  Lack of hobbies?  Sheer lunacy?  I have no idea but until I figure it out I’ll be happy sitting on my back porch with my Cheez-Its and beer while I watch as everyone else jogs up and down my street.


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