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I’ve had/have a lot going on this week, what with a long weekend at home and late return Monday, field trip for class on Tuesday, a volunteer appreciation party at the Field Museum last night (to be blogged about at a later date), picking up my keys to my new place tonight and my big move tomorrow.  Oh and of course my extensive coverage of the Royal Wedding (not).  I’ve been so busy that I, like many, have been completely wrapped up in my own little world.  Which was why the news of the devastation that tornadoes just caused down south really gave me pause.  As I type this, almost 200 people are confirmed dead from a twister that spanned over a mile and was on the ground for over an hour.  Listening to NPR this morning, I heard a local weatherman in Tuscaloosa incredulously talking about just how big a storm this was and I actually got goosebumps.  One of my all-time favorite people ever lives in Tuscaloosa and while she’s safe and sound, all of these stories really put everything I’ve got going on in perspective.

And I’ve got it pretty good.

My thoughts will be with those who are sifting through the ruins of their homes and neighborhoods and I am reminded now more than ever how lucky I am to be moving into a new, safe place.  Remember to be thankful for what you’ve got, because it could all be gone in the blink of an eye.  Just ask the people of Alabama.


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