April Book Club Review!

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You may have noticed the lack of book club reviews over the last few months (though I’ll forgive you if this escaped your attention).  It’s not because I’ve suddenly turned illiterate or have begun burning books left and right, but rather because the fabulous ladies in my club are just so awesome that our schedules have been too busy for us to get together.  Luckily, we rectified that last Thursday with a trip to Bad Dog Tavern.

But first – the reason behind the eating/drinking/hanging out – the book.  For April we

Not just a kid's book, I promise

read a book that has been suggested to me numerous times over the years by some very reputable sources.  Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card is typically billed as a young adult sci fi book and not something you would normally see a bunch of 20 and 30-something women bring to the book club table.  However, I’m glad we did because we all really enjoyed it and there was more than one of us in the group who intends to continue the series that this book began.

I’d describe it as Lord of the Flies meets The Hunger Games meets…Star Wars?  Actually I don’t really know how to describe it other than to say that it’s about a group of children who are chosen to save a futuristic world.  And I know how it sounds but trust me, it was unlike anything I’ve read before and actually quite thought-provoking and worthwhile.  Thankfully I wasn’t alone, because suggesting a book to read that everyone winds up hating isn’t really so much fun.

As I mentioned, we enjoyed beer and food at Bad Dog Tavern, which resides in a neighborhood quite close to my soon-to-be new one.  The decor is dog-themed (shocker!) and it was a comfortable family place that turned into a fun little bar once they brought out the trivia.  Our book club decided to play along and we appropriately named ourselves Ender’s Team.  We didn’t stick around for the whole game but we were definitely holding our own at the time of our departure – which could’ve had something to do with one bookish gal knowing that the theme song from Unsolved Mysteries was voted creepiest theme song ever.  See, we’re a quite well-rounded group of women.

Anyway, the re-emergence of book club was a success, though we do need some new members (only Chicagoans need apply).  Requirements: must be literate and full of sass.  I’m accepting applications in the form of cupcakes and cookies so feel free to hit me with your best shot.


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