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When I came home last night, weary from 8 of hours work + 3 hours of class + 2.5 hours of commuting, I opened my mailbox to find this:

What in the what?

I did not subscribe to any such culinary magazine and yet there it was, with my name (even spelled correctly) on the back cover.  Confusion set in.

How did I get this?  Did someone secretly sign me up for a subscription and if so, why?  Perhaps one of you readers decided my food posts were a little lackluster and want me to spice things up?  Or maybe someone things I should lose some weight (a lot of the articles are related to healthy eating).  I flipped through it for a bit but honestly I’m too lazy in the kitchen to try any of those dishes.  Perhaps I’ll change my tune when I move into Kitchen 2.0 but there’s no guarantee.  What I do know is there was a whole article about a woman named Paige who lives in Chicago and how she turned her small kitchen into something adequate for her entire family.  Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up.  So I guess it’s a possibility that this is someone’s idea of a joke and they’re making fun of my current tiny cooking space?  I really have no idea, though I am curious to see if any more issues arrive.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll take this magazine as a sign from the cooking gods and actually attempt to create something from scratch.

Yeah, we’ll see.

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