Sickness, Sightseeig, Strawberries and Sandals

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That pretty much sums up my weekend.

Before I fell asleep Thursday night, I noticed my throat was a bit scratchy and my nose was stuffed up.  Then I had a dream that I started chugging some NightQuil and when I woke up Friday I was in full blown cold mode.  Ain’t nuthin’ gonna keep me down though and I battled through it like a champ…mostly because I had a super fun weekend with my momma planned (had I been on my own I likely would’ve wallowed in self-pity and spent the entire weekend on my couch).

As I mentioned, my mom came in town Friday we definitely made the most out of it.  We went to dinner

There were no survivors, I mean leftovers

Friday evening at a gyro/pizza place that’s super close to my apartment.  It was one of the last places on my list in the area that I wanted to try before moving to a different ‘hood and while it wasn’t the best food I’ve ever had in my life, it was certainly worth the trip.  On Saturday we woke up early to go check out my new apartment and once it got the Mom Seal of Approval we began to wander through some of the stores and shops surrounding my upcoming place (side note: I found an old school shoe repair shop where I left the boots that broke during the bachelorette party – should be good as new in a week!).  We got a great brunch at the Ravenswood Grill (this photo doesn’t do our meal justice) and after finding some great deals at Open Books non-profit bookstore, we went downtown and walked around a bit more.  After sufficiently wearing ourselves out, we hopped by my place for a quick beer and then headed to Wrigleyville to watch the Butler/VCU basketball game.  Wrigleyville was a drunken nightmare since the Cubs had played that day but we found a bar with good beer and many TV screens so we were happy.  Then they played an entire Led Zeppelin album and I was even happier.  After a dinner at the Burrito House we watched UK lose (!) and then relaxed with a movie.  The movie was The Little Mermaid and watching it with my mom was awesome.  Yes I’m being serious.

Since Mom decided to stay until today (Monday), we were able to make the most out of our Sunday as well.  We did a bit of grocery shopping at Trader Joes, then grabbed a bite to eat on our way to the Field Museum (of course I took her there).  After showing off the areas I’m involved in and checking out the Horse exhibit, I took her out for an early birthday present of martini’s and dinner at The Blue Line Lounge and we wound down our weekend.  After watching some crazy awesome thunderstorms, I took some more sinus medicine and settled into my third night on the couch.

Just gotta say – as much as I love and appreciate my time with my mom, I am really looking forward to having my bed back tonight.

Oh and the sandals – it was WARM here this weekend!  Yesterday it hit 70 degrees, which I haven’t seen since October.  If I tell you I had tears in my eyes when I looked at the temperature you might think I was joking but I know the truth.  The warm weather warmed my heart and while wearing sandals in April could end up contributing to my sickness, it was totally worth it.  Winter be damned!

And that was my whirlwind weekend that leads into my whirlwind week.  Back to class, volunteering, writing, book clubbing, attending lectures and being interviewed for a guest blog piece I wrote for the Center of the Future of Museums (exciting!) are all on the agenda for the next few days so I should probably keep taking my sinus medicine.  Once again, winter be damned!

PS – I also have an update on my upstairs neighbor…I ran into the woman below me this weekend and she said that our landlord had told her the guy upstairs had been evicted.  I thought that was the end of the story but I heard him moving around up there all weekend and saw him in the street once or twice.  I’m not sure if he’s in the process of packing up or if he’s not actually leaving to begin with but I’m washing my hands of the whole thing.  Unless something super crazy transpires, this will be my last writings about that guy.  And in my new place I’m the one on the top floor so maybe I’ll give someone else something to write about!


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