Schooled in Spacing

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According to the internet and the always-factual Wikipedia, I have been going about my writing in an incorrect way.  When I was taught to type, back in the ancient days of my electric typewriter, I was told that I needed to put two spaces after each period.  This was reaffirmed by Mrs. Allen in my 7th grade typing class and it was in that class that I honed in on my now 80-something wpm rate.  Since I was trained to double-space, that’s what I’ve been doing.  For many, many years.  I’ve written collegiate research papers and published short stories and columns while double-spacing and I always got away with it – in fact, I had no idea that single-spacing was even an option, let alone the norm.

We go way back

A few months ago, my editor at the magazine commented that I needed to single space my work from then on out.  Imagine my surprise when I did a quick Google search and realized that I had been flagrantly disregarding the standard way of typing for the entirety of my typing career.  So I began single-spacing my work and quickly realized that it was extremely difficult to break myself of this old (bad?) habit.  My solution?  Type everything the way I’m used to then go back and manually delete the second spaces (sidenote: if this can magically be done with the click of a button through Word, I don’t know how and would welcome a brief tutorial).

You can see that I still double space here in my blog and I do it in pretty much everything else I type as well.  Asking me to switch completely over to single spacing would be like asking me to begin using the toilet backwards, with my face to the wall.  Sure, I could probably train myself to do so but it would be awkward as all get out and I might not be able to look at myself the same way ever again.

Am I one of the last few double-spacing typists left?  Perhaps I’m of a dying breed that will lead to an evolved species of super single spacers, but I like to think there’s enough of us out there to carry the trend forward.  Because it’s a little too late to teach this old typist new tricks…though with enough cookies and cake as incentive I suppose anything is possible.



  1. kerry622 said,

    I learn something new everyday! I was taught the same way, now I know for future reference. Thank you, will go on with the treats incentive to single space after my periods. They really need to come up with a better way of letting us know the newer formats, lol!

  2. Debbie said,

    I’ve been in the business world for close to 40 years & was taught the 2 space method!

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