Movin’ On Up

March 14, 2011 at 5:16 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , )

And my new lease has been signed!


No goldfish were injured during the making of this blog post.

After two weekends of searching apartments in the Chicago area, I finally found one that I think I can live in for a year or even longer.  Last weekend marked the beginning of my search and the very first apartment I viewed was…awful.  I had never been into a garden apartment before and contrary to what one might think, it did not provide a great view of a lovely grassy knoll.  Instead, it featured 6 foot ceilings and a layout so compact it would make the little men in Snow White’s life cringe.  When I walked in, I laughed and turned back around – obviously a no go for viewing #1.  The next place was very close to the lake, which was nice, but was another garden apartment (read: windows looked at sidewalk) that had bathroom tile in the living room.  Oh, and it wasn’t really in that nice of a neighborhood…so yeah, pass again.  The next few places didn’t do much for me (though I made sure to stay away from any more of those misleading garden places) either and then this weekend I fell in love with two totally different units in two totally different neighborhoods.  As with all things there were pros and cons to each (one had ceiling fans, central AC and a DISHWASHER…it’s a palace) and the other was smaller and more…rustic…but had a huge basement and closet, and was a bit cheaper.  Ultimately the fact that the cheaper one wouldn’t let me bring my beloved animal companion (and WHY they didn’t realize that before showing it to me I’ll never know) made my decision for me.  That’s right – palace, here I come!


While my new place isn’t really that much more expensive than what I’m paying now, it sure will be an upgrade.  Every room is bigger and get this – I will actually have counter space in my kitchen!  The last two apartments I’ve rented have had literally zero counter space (yes I mean zero, that is not hyperbole) so that alone will take some getting used to.  And seeing as how I’ve had a dishwasher one year out of all the ones I’ve been on this planet, that will be nice too.  The ceiling fans in every room (including kitchen, for all my hazardous cooking attempt needs), the little back stoop and the central air conditioning will combine with everything else to make me feel like Donald freaking Trump.  Plus, I’m walking distance to some friends and much closer to my all time favorite train line.  How sweet it is!

And yes, I’ll have a couch for you to come and crash on in my super swanky apartment palace.  Just bring beer.



  1. Alfie said,

    Congrats !!! My jealousy / Envy knows no bounds !! Ha ha. My own search continues.
    On a side note – Ill bet you thought I wasn’t really reading your blog, right?

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