March 11, 2011 at 12:10 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

I had a few ideas for the topic of today’s post but everything went out the window when I woke up and heard the news of the earthquake/tsunami in Japan.  The 8.9 quake is the biggest ever recorded in Japan and it will likely take days, weeks or even longer before anyone knows exactly how many people were able to make it out alive.  My thoughts are with my fellow men and women who are dealing with the aftermath of this event, both in Japan and in all of the other affected areas.  The articles I’ve been reading and the pictures I’ve seen are sobering reminders that Mother Nature will win just about every time – though to be honest, efficient engineering,  solid planning and strong government building codes saved millions of lives in Japan today.  That country is better prepared for things like this than almost any other and while it’s pretty awful, it could’ve been worse.

Still, this is an environmental disaster of epic proportions.  Nothing I can say or write will adequately describe how I feel about such things so I’m just going to cut short and send out as many strong and healthy vibes in the general direction of Japan as I can.  As helpless as this makes me feel, it’s the absolute least I can do.


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