Melt Baby Melt!

February 16, 2011 at 12:44 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , , )

Temperatures are above freezing and the snow is finally melting!  People are literally busting out the shorts around Chicago and while I think that’s getting a bit ahead of the game, I’m certainly enjoying wearing one less layer to work every day.

Here’s a list of things I’ve happened upon on the sidewalks since the Big Thaw:

  • 3 random keys in 3 different parts of the city
  • a handful of change
  • 2 gloves (not matching)
  • one large men’s sneaker
  • a spoon
  • one sad looking, soaking wet teddy bear
  • a car bumper
  • a broken camera
  • 4 broken umbrellas
  • a bag of charcoal
  • a bottle of hot sauce (found next to the charcoal…someone was trying to stay warm by any means possible)

I didn't realize I was being followed...

However, just because the snow is melting doesn’t mean the sidewalks are yet safe.  My 2 year record of making it through a winter without falling down has been blown to hell, as I fell twice in two days right after the snowpocolypse.  The first time was the day after my birthday, when I lost balance and wound up sitting on a huge pile of snow.  I was hungover, which made it even worse.  Since it was just snow though it wasn’t a big deal.  The second time was a bit worse – I still landed in a huge pile of snow but I fell further to get there.  I’ve come close to wiping out numerous times but have mastered the art of the slip and glide, where I usually manage to catch my balance.  With all of the snow finally melting, I thought I was in the clear.

Wishful thinking.  Snow may be melting off the sidewalks but it’s causing them to become covered in ice, which I learned the hard way two nights ago.  I was walking home from the train and talking to my mom on my cell, which is normal enough.  She was asking me about the weather and I was in the middle of explaining how icy everything was when it happened – ice and gravity got the better of me once again.  I slid for a few feet and managed to stay upright but my poor phone flew from my hand and wound up in four pieces on the sidewalk.  I imagine anyone watching me got a good laugh and I could almost hear passerby’s saying “Wow, that sucks” as my phone hit the ground.  My first thought was that I was going to have to find a pay phone so I could let my mom know I didn’t get hit by a car.  I then gingerly picked up my phone and was thrilled to see that while it snapped apart, it was easily put back together.  By the time I had it turned back on I had a frantic voicemail from Mom (shocker) but I was just glad the thing was working.  And that I didn’t break any bones, because for a half second I had a horrible vision of snapping my elbow in two (and for a nanosecond I was thankful I have health insurance again).  At least when there was 2 feet of snow on the ground there was a little bit of padding.

With the forecast calling for weather in the upper 50’s (I know, can you believe it?!) later this week, hopefully the snow and ice will soon be gone for good.  Or at least, until two weeks from now when it’s sure to make yet another unwelcome appearance.  But hey – today marks the second day that we’re closer to March than January.  Spring can’t hide forever!


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