It’s My Birthday and I Can Blog If I Want To!

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is the anniversary of my birth (thanks, Mom!).  Since I love lists and am also rather fond of myself, here’s 27 things you probably didn’t know about little ‘ole me:

  1. I make up songs and sing them aloud when no one is around.  They almost always rhyme.
  2. I have double-jointed thumbs.
  3. I put peanut butter on my waffles.
  4. I have slight OCD tendencies – for instance, if I’m walking down flights of stairs I will often turn myself in the direction opposite of the one I’m going in, so as to “balance myself out”.
  5. If I’m walking down the stairs with someone else, I make a conscious effort not to do that.
  6. My first crush was on the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles.  This includes April.
  7. My favorite color is yellow (see above).
  8. I write like I’m left-handed, but with my right hand.  This means I hate using clipboards and I smear everything to hell when I write on chalk or dry erase boards.
  9. I freaking love primates. This is evidenced by the life-size Curious George painted hanging from a tree on my childhood bedroom wall – a friend painted it for me my freshman year of high school.
  10. I rewrote Macbeth as a rap song and performed it in my 10th grade British Lit. class.
  11. I’ve been bitten by a brown recluse spider.
  12. I’ve been bitten by a vervet monkey.
  13. I’ve been bitten by my own mother.
  14. The only thing I will tolerate mayonnaise on is a Jimmy John’s #6.
  15. I was the very first female alter server in my church.  My family thought I was going to grow up to be a nun because of my religious nature.
  16. I outgrew that around the time puberty hit.
  17. I had pet mice named Oscar and Meyer in high school.  In college, I kept a parakeet hidden in my dorm room.
  18. I want to visit every continent (okay probably not Antarctica) by the time I’m 30.
  19. I haven’t had a hamburger or hot dog in 17 years.  Wow – THAT makes me feel old.
  20. I have a yellow blanket and stuffed monkey that I’ve slept with since I was a baby (see numbers 6, 7 and 9).
  21. When I was little, I used to think that No Parking signs (the letter ‘P’ in a circle with a line through it) meant nothing that started with that letter could go beyond that point.  I was always scared my mom was going to get in trouble for transporting me over the line.
  22. I don’t own an iPod and rarely listen to music while commuting.
  23. I was in speech therapy until I left elementary school.
  24. I have a list containing the names of all the people I’ve ever kissed.
  25. I’ve had an irrational fear of Teletubbies ever since I first saw them in a Newsweek during 8th grade English class.
  26. I have a 9 inch scar on my right leg.
  27. I’m lucky to have had some truly amazing experiences with some awesome and fantastic people so far and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next!


  1. szoso said,

    This post made me super happy. And made me realize even more all the things we have in common:
    1. I make of songs constantly when no one is around. They dont always rhyme but very often do and they never make sense.
    3. I put jelly on my waffles! (if we put ours together we would have an awesome pb&j waffle!)
    8. Me too me too!!! But I never thought of putting it that way. When I was in highschool people used to always think I had bruises on my right hand b/c my hand would smear the pencil and end up on the side of my hand
    11. I was bitten by some poisonous spider that caused me to be on antibiotics for a month
    21. This one makes me smile so much and so glad that you are my friend 🙂
    23. You must have told me this.
    24. We have discussed this before but me too 🙂
    27. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lee Ann said,

    I concur with #14!!

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