Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

January 15, 2011 at 8:32 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

Because if you lived above me I wouldn’t have to deal with the guy who does now.

Me in 40 years

Perhaps you remember me writing of him before.  He leaves food in the hallway more often than he should – in fact, when I got home last night there was a candy wrapper in front of my door.  As it was late and I hadn’t eaten in a very long time, having an empty candy wrapper greet me was not what I was in the mood for and I think the words that slipped from my mouth expressed that.  Anyway, it is now 8:15 on Saturday morning and I’m listening to loud Mexican music coming through my ceiling.  And I’m pretty the guy blaring it is jumping rope.

Being a larger dude, this is creating some noise (if he’s not jumping rope maybe he’s dancing?) and I’m not too thrilled.  I have been listening to the sounds coming from his apartment for almost two years now and I hope my next apartment is on the top floor.  I can remember when I first moved in and he would be walking around in his place – it sounded so much like someone was in my kitchen that I would go out and check (sometimes armed) to make sure I was alone. It’s also common for his commotion to make things in my apartment shake.  He’s that loud.

Since I’m already awake, here’s a list of things that I think my upstairs neighbor does on a regular basis:

  • Restores and transports bowling balls
  • Drops books on the floor from high places
  • Moves furniture
  • Practices for Stomp
  • Drags around dead bodies
  • Falls out of bed
  • Plays Mexican music
  • and now jumps rope and/or breakdances

The frustrating thing is that I’m pretty sure most of this racket is actually made from him going about his daily routine.  Which makes me wonder how loud my cat running around, vacuum cleaning and dancing sound to the woman below me.  Uh oh.  She’s never said anything but then I’ve never said anything to the man upstairs either…well, at least not about the noise.  We’ve exchanged pleasantries and he seems perfectly nice, plus he’s held the door open for me once or twice and I appreciate that.  He may be loud and messy but at least I don’t actually live with him.

And wait!  What’s that?  Silence.  The music and jumping have stopped.  Since I have no idea how long this will last I’m going to try and go back to sleep while I can!


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  1. szoso said,

    Im sorry but your frustration made me laugh. Alot. That list is incredible.

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