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This long and unrelenting week started off on an incredible foot – I got a surprise bonus!

On Monday, I got called into my boss’s office.  Actually, I got an email that said “Come see me”, so my immediate thought was that I was going to get busted for the porn I was looking at the random blog I was reading.  Instead, the boss just asked how

Now if I could only win at Scrabble...

things were going.  I told him I thought things were going fine and gave him some updates on a few projects that I’m working on this month.  He said that all sounded great and then told me that while it wasn’t much, he had a bit of a bonus for me.  Then he just handed me a check, a beautifully authentic check with my name on it.  After telling him thank you, I really appreciated it, yada yada yada, I walked out and did a little happy dance in my cubicle.  I wish every Monday started off like that.

I have to admit, this was my very first bonus, ever.  Unless of course you count the high school years I spent working at the local Dairy Queen.  Once for Christmas, we were all given $10 gift certificates.  To Dairy Queen.  Seeing as how I had been making free food for myself there from basically the day I was hired, this certificate was pretty worthless.  I suppose I could have sold it for $8 and made a profit…damn 20/20 hindsight.  It was almost as good as they year they gave us Dairy Queen ornaments – mine still goes up on my tree every year, if for no other reason than to remind myself how glad I am that I no longer work in the fast food industry.  My last job gave us a Christmas present my first year there – in the form of a magnifying pocket insert.  It was exciting as it sounds and my Grandpa loved it.

So yeah, the week started off pretty great and never did go downhill.  Class went well, Book Club went even better (I’ll likely blog about that sometime next week) and my board game night got bumped back a few days so I actually got to spend an evening on my couch as well.  Sure, I was working on homework and magazine assignments but I was also able to watch some guilty pleasure TV online which is of course what really matters.  Tonight is my first night helping out with the Dozin’ with the Dino’s program at the Field, so I’m pretty pumped for that.  I hope everyone has a great weekend, stays warm (how crazy it is that snow was simultaneously on the ground in almost every single state this week?) and treats your fast food workers with a little respect.


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  1. amberwrites said,

    Hehe. I still put those Dairy Queen ornaments on my tree too. I mean, we earned them.

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