Move it or Lose it…

January 12, 2011 at 2:58 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , )

…is what to I think to myself numerous times every day during my walks around downtown.  Don’t get me wrong, working in the Loop is infinitely better than working in the suburbs 25 miles north of the Loop, but it’s caused me to evolve in ways I hadn’t formerly considered.  For instance, dodging and diving around the countless other suits and tourists has become an art all in itself and I have to admit that I’ve gotten pretty good at it.  Which is important, because when summer rolls around and the tourists really invade the city my skills are going to have to be incredibly honed.

However, no matter how swiftly I’m dodging foot traffic, it never fails that I soon wind up behind someone stopping in the

Watch where you're going!

middle of a sidewalk to check their cell phone, take a picture of some building or point and stare at the nearest body of water.  This is especially irksome when I’m hauling ass at my top speed – my feet don’t come with insurance or brakes, although perhaps they should.  I’ve come thisclose to knocking out unsuspecting slowpokes in a single bound.  I understand the draw of the city and I know I should probably slow down to enjoy the skyline a little more often but when I have a very short amount of time to navigate busy and snowy streets, I become a woman on a mission.  The mission is usually just to get to where I’m trying to be within a decent amount of time and without causing serious injury to myself but the whole navigating crowds thing tends to hinder even my most Herculean of efforts.  And having to worry about causing injury to others while I run around downtown just leeches more of my time and energy.


Perhaps I should just forget the niceties and shove people out of my way.  That’s what hardened city girls are supposed to do, right?  No more polite and demure “Excuse me”, it’ll be expletives and hardcore threats from here on out.  Then physical violence.  That’ll get me to my destination safely and soundly, I’m sure of it.


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