Class Action

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My first evening of night class at Northwestern took place on Tuesday.  As I wandered the halls, orienting myself with the nearest snack bar and bathroom, I came across this sight:

I'll have what they're having

Those boxes say Coors, Miller Light and Coors Light.  Apparently there was some sort of party taking place in one of the classrooms.  I also saw a guy walking around with a huge bowl of popcorn and while my natural instinct was to follow, tackle him and then steal it (I was hungry), instead I played the part of a responsible adult and let him pass.  Though I did think about that popcorn more than once as the night went on.

I think I’m going to like this class, even though it’s the least interesting (to me) of the three I have to take to get my certificate.  Our big project at the end of the 10 weeks is to find a museum that needs help in some way and do what we can to create an actual plan to give them assistance.  I think I’m going to work on a small museum on the river and see if I can aid in their marketing.  Regardless of what I end up doing, I really enjoyed being back in a classroom environment – even if we didn’t get served beer and popcorn.

And now it’s Friday!  My favorite day of the week.  There’s no rest for the wicked though, as you can see by this brief rundown of my upcoming 8 days:

  • Tonight – hang out with a friend I haven’t seen in almost two months.  She lost her social life to grad school but we’re going to attempt to reclaim it.  Dinner, drinks, catching up, etc.
  • Tomorrow – At the Field Museum by 9:30 for the weekly docent meeting, then doing research on the exhibit I’ll be working until sometime in the afternoon.  Then going to some book/music/art-party/opening thing with an old college bud.  Apparently a book donation is required for entrance, which works out well as I just cleaned out my bookcase earlier this week.
  • Sunday – Class assignment due in the afternoon.  Also must spend a good portion of the day doing my magazine article writing, as everything for February is due on the 15th.  Then, I bribed a friend with pizza and beer for the use of his car so I can return a faulty lamp to Target.  Oh, I will also be consuming said pizza and beer.
  • Monday – After work, hanging out with a different old college bud as we haven’t seen each other in quite a while.  Wine drinking and apartment cleaning will ensue (explanation to follow).
  • Tuesday – Class after work from 6-9, home around 10pm.  Feed hungry cat, then bed.
  • Wednesday – I’m hosting this month’s Book Club at my apartment, which is why I’ll be spending Monday night cleaning.  I’ve never hosted anything at my place, let alone a meeting with a bunch of smart and sophisticated ladies.  I’m actually a tad nervous.
  • Thursday – I’m hosting a board game night with some friends I made when I used to ride on the Metra.  I volunteered because I knew my place would already be clean (and I’ll likely have leftovers from Book Club).  Since these are semi-dorky gamer guys, I’m not so nervous about that.
  • Friday – My first night volunteering at the Dozin’ with the Dino’s program at the Field Museum.  It’s an event where kids and their families come and stay overnight at the museum (yes, I know how cool it sounds and yes, I wish they allowed a night like this for grown-ups…but I can understand why they don’t).  I won’t be staying overnight but I will be helping greet families, show them to their camp spots within the museum and aiding in a workshop from about 5-9pm.
  • Saturday – Take my cat to the vet by 8am so she can spend a day getting her blood sugar tested.  Fun stuff for her.  Also, finishing any writing I haven’t had time to get to since this day will be my deadline.
  • Sunday – Collapse of exhaustion.  And maybe try to catch a movie at the old theater I’ve been neglecting.

I wrote it all out here so I don’t forget anything, though I likely already did.

The New Year may be off to a busy start but I’m pretty happy with how things are going.  And hey, I haven’t had any dead birds fall on my head so that alone is a big plus.  On that note, I came across a really old news article discussing how mutton like meat once rained from the sky on a poor woman in Louisville, KY (shout-out to my hometown!) in 1876.  That then made me think of the story of the exploding whale in Oregon in 1970.  All of this combined reinforced my vegetarianism and made me hope I can get through this year and many more without animal carcasses falling all around me.  Though as with most things, only time will tell.


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