Trains, Pains and No Automobiles

December 9, 2010 at 2:00 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Relying on public transit has its perks, such as not ever having to worry about needing a DD.  However, this also means that you’re at the mercy of anything than can and does go wrong when you push hundreds of thousands of people into train cars day in and day out.  Case in point: yesterday.

I got on the train after work per usual and was happy to find a place to sit.  I settled down with my reading material and off we went.  At our first stop, the door to our car didn’t open right away and some guy manually pulled the lever to get out.  Then the door didn’t shut.  An announcement came over the speaker saying there was a train malfunction and the conductor walked back, shut the door and once again we were off.  Then the same thing happened at the next stop.  Awesome.  The conductor looked at the door for a while, shut it again and proceeded to our third destination.  The door stuck again.  Then we sat for almost 15 minutes while the conductor walked around, poking things and looking perplexed.  At this point there were people stuffing the train car and we were well behind schedule.  So of course we got another announcement, this one stating that the entire car was broken and we all had to get off the train.  Onto a platform full of dozens of other people who were waiting to board to begin with.  You can imagine how happy everyone was.  I myself almost got pushed on the tracks by an angry woman with someplace so important to be that she was willing to commit homicide in order to get there.  The next train that pulled up a few minutes later was already so full that roughly two people were able to squeeze in before it pulled off.  I caught the one after that, which was still like wading into a can of sardines.

So eventually I made it off the train and went home.  I had evening plans for board game playing with some friends and had a brief window of time in which to get home, give my special needs cat her insulin shot and get back to the train.  I did all that and was happy to see one approaching not long after I started waiting again.  The platform I was standing on is in the middle of the highway and the passing cars, wind and freezing temperatures made it so I don’t want to hang around there any longer than I have to.  You can then imagine my disbelief when this train failed to slow down and passed us poor commuters right on by.

What in the wide wide world of sports?  That was the one and only time I’ve ever seen an express train on that line and it’s my personal belief that the conductor was just too lazy to make his regular stop.  Or he saw me, knew about my luck and decided to make it worse.

At least I could have all the beer I wanted with my pizza dinner and not have to worry about driving home.

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